Injaz Palestine
Invest and Involve

INJAZ programs offer long-term growth and employability for the Palestinian youth. But we need your help to give young people a real taste of enterprise and teach them to get over the different challenges, which they will probably face in real life. Moreover, students will be equipped with various skills to help them to succeed.

Volunteers are the driving force of INJAZ’s mission, by delivering INJAZ’s programs in such an effective way. Now all we need is you! By getting involved, you will be investing in the future of the youth in Palestine. Your support is crucial in advanc...

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“What I found out about myself during my experience in INJAZ as a volunteer is far beyond description.. I was able to stand as a role model for great numbers of young students and help them become successful.”

INJAZ has changed the lives of so many people by engaging them into the real world and develop their skills. Students, volunteers, teachers, and other people who participated in various programs with INJAZ were able to expand their success and achieve more that they once expected to have.  We are always happy to hear from you about your continued achievements, whether i...

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