Injaz Palestine
Community Based Organizations
INJAZ tries to centralize its mission on the community by engaging the Palestinian youth in its programs, and prepare them to become the future leaders. Through the different community-based organizations and youth centers, which INJAZ works with, a huge network is established to enable us to reach more people, expand our existence to more marginalized areas, and benefit the most possible number of students. INJAZ basically works with, through, and for the community.
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Educational Sector
Our deepest appreciation goes to all schools and universities for their belief in our programs and their collaboration with us since 2005. Special thanks go to the administrators and teachers for their ceaseless support that is making our classes as successful as possible. Our success basically results from the deep believe, which the Ministry of Education and UNRWA have regarding INJAZ’s mission and its positive effects on the educational process. They consider INJAZ as a strategic partner for its mutual goals and objectives. Due to this consideration, INJAZ succeeded to sign a long-term strategic agreement with it to get its full support in all regions where INJAZ ope
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Private Sector
They resemble the heart of our organization. We, in INJAZ Palestine, are tremendously grateful to all our corporate partners who support our programs, and provide us with their professional staff members. Their believe in INJAZ’s mission and vision was not easily achieved; INJAZ’s customized and modern modules, that were implemented on a large scale at schools by the private sector volunteers, were the reason for our success. Injaz is able to engage its essential stakeholders to fulfill their social responsibility, by providing the needed kind and in-kind contributions to our various programs. With our stakeholders’ priceless support, we are able to reach more stude
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