Injaz Palestine
INJAZ provides an entrepreneurship programs for students at high schools, colleges, and universities annually, the programs primary emphasize on entrepreneurial skills, social responsibility, fundamental business and economic concepts, explore career interests and opportunities, establish enterprise, in which the programs provide an economic and business laboratory where enrolled students learn and practice the role of business by operating their own project and solving real business problem, and interacts with their community, during the training the private sector volunteers serve as role model. By the end of the programs; INJAZ conduct a competition on the national level to celebrate and evaluate the achievements of the enrolled students in their either profitable or charitable projects.
Enterprise in Action

Students learn about the Palestinian economy. The course introduces the different types of private enterprises. It discusses the role of the private sector in society as the largest producer in the economy, and the social responsibility of enterprises. The course also defines the role of the public sector.

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JA it's My Business

JA It’s My Business encompasses entrepreneurship curriculum for students. The program emphasizes entrepreneurship while providing a strong focus on social studies, reading, and writing skills. Students are encouraged to use critical thinking to learn entrepreneurial skills that support positive attitudes as they explore and enhance their career aspirations.

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This course teaches the importance of leadership and the benefits of developing leadership skills in one's career and social life. It gives students a chance to become community leaders, through a leadership project supervised by their private sector consultant.

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Master Class

The entrepreneurship master class is a one/half-day inspirational workshop-for young people between the ages 14-22, it challenge students to think about starting their own business as a career, and becoming an entrepreneur. the master class build on the wider Key skills; the participants acquire social skills and experience of communications, team work, sales, marketing, finance, Problem solving , personal training through improving their performance and use self-assessment procedures to support the growth of quality businesses and quality jobs.

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Ripples of Happiness

This program aims to train students to plan, organize and finance social projects in their communities. In addition, it provides studnets with some communication skills, teamwork techniques, and skills in information technology, marketing, public relations. Moreover, this program introduces the studnets to inspiring examples, in order to motivate them to work hard and improve their abilities in implementing their projects. 



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The Company

Provides an economic and business laboratory where students learn the role of business by operating their own company and solving real business problem. They conduct market research, sell stock to raise capital, elect officers, buy materials, market a product, pay dividends to stockholders, and liquidate the company. This hands-on course is extremely beneficial to students, whether they continue their education or go straight into the job market.

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