Injaz Palestine
Leadership Program Achievements

Through “Leadership” program, aiming at making a positive change in the community and with the help of private sector volunteers, INJAZ success

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This company has shaped my life

I was introduced to the company of Injaz in 2008 when i was just 17 years old, i was elected as a marketing manager and then had the role of vice-ceo in the company, we, a group of 20 Palestinian students built tarweej which was a company for promoting Palestinian goods and services, we did that through a magazine which talked about and promoted Palestinian stores and goods, a collaboration with Birzeit pharmaceutical company and an exhibition for Palestinian handmade goods, which led to my decision of majoring in marketing in university, this company has shaped my life, it opened my eyes on a lot of different aspects i never thought of, how the Palestinian market

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"Tarweej" company

My little story has begun when I was in eleventh grade by taking a place in Injaz company program, founding “Tarweej” company for marketing and advertising in September 2007, and then I was selecting to be the CEO of the company, and later winning the competition in Palestine.
This company and experience has changed my perspective of life , directed me to think more of having a successful career life , starting with my studying field , and the combination I chose  between my major studying as architecture and my minor studying as business administration .
Injaz Company program has teach every one of us to find his own way in business, and

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My Experience

Going through the INJAZ experience, I have obtained a set of qualities I never enjoyed before joining the program. I have learned how to work within groups rather than working individualistically. Holding an entrepreneurial position in the company, I became more aware of the managerial skills required to run a successful, healthy and harmonious working body. Applying theoretical knowledge in real life cases was the most difficult yet enriching challenge, as it helped me buttress my understanding of how businesses work. Running a company with such relatively minimal knowledge of management and business didn’t only help me broaden my

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