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Muhammad al-Junaidi

Muhammad al-Junaidi

INJAZ Palestine programs had a great impact on refining my personality and developing my entrepreneurial skills. It provided me with the opportunity to participate in the student company program, which enabled me to gain the skills of time management, communication and interconnection. This subsequently had a great and positive impact on my ability to excel in the future. It provided me as well with the opportunity to learn about the experiences and expertise of specialized trainers from various sectors.

I believe that when an ambitious person gets to know INJAZ from inside, he is bound to excel, be innovative and accomplish, which will consequently give him a sense of pride. That in fact was the case when my colleagues and I won the award for the best student company at the national level, and the best student company with a social impact at the regional level.

Muhammad al-Junaidi, a student at Palestine Polytechnic University.