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“INJAZ Palestine” and the Center for Business Development host the Minister of Communication and Information Technology

“INJAZ Palestine” and the Center for Business Development host the Minister of Communication and Information Technology

Dr. Ishaq Sidr: The doors of our ministry will always be open to welcome new ideas on entrepreneurship and will support our national organizations.

The Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Dr. Ishaq Sidr, participated in the eighth meeting of “Ibda’” “Start” camp for entrepreneurs, organized under the title “ Sustainable Development Goals” using Zoom.

During the meeting, Dr. Sidr spoke highly of INJAZ efforts and the Center for Business Development in launching and organizing the “Ibda”’ camp in Gaza to support and educate young people in the field of entrepreneurship and help them in developing their own projects. He later indicated that he would visit INJAZ and the Business Development Center in Gaza after the end of the Corona pandemic crisis.

He stressed the importance of the role of these initiatives and activities in light of the difficult conditions Palestine is experiencing due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, adding that the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology will always welcome new ideas on entrepreneurship. He went on stressing that the ministry will also support organizations and creative initiatives to find innovative solutions, which will enhance our ability to deal with complex matters in an unconventional manner to overcome the challenges the country is encountering. 

In this context, Rania Kutteneh, stressed the importance of cooperation and participation of Palestinian organizations in order to help develop and build the personality of the Palestinian student in a manner that will distinguish him scientifically and culturally.

Kutteneh explained that INJAZ Palestine always endeavors to come up with new ways to enhance the economic opportunities of Palestinian youth. In this context, she noted that despite the current circumstances, INJAZ was able to launch several ONLINE programs to help students and support them in keeping pace with the era of development and business while staying at home.

It is important to note that the camp aims at preparing young people and at educating them in the field of entrepreneurship, and at developing their skills in planning entrepreneurship projects in a practically applied manner, in addition to enhancing their entrepreneurial spirit and responsibility.