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INJAZ provides an entrepreneurship programs for students at high schools, colleges, and universities annually, the programs primary emphasize on entrepreneurial skills, social responsibility, fundamental business and economic concepts, explore career interests and opportunities, establish enterprise, in which the programs provide an economic and business laboratory where enrolled students learn and practice the role of business by operating their own project and solving real business problem, and interacts with their community, during the training the private sector volunteers serve as role model. By the end of the programs; INJAZ conduct a competition on the national level to celebrate and evaluate the achievements of the enrolled students in their either profitable or charitable projects.

“SAP” Programming
The program aims to train primary school students on programming skills using the “Scratch” program, which p...
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Maharat min Google
The program aims at enhancing the digital skills of high school and university students by holding training workshops on...
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Student Company
The program offers students between the ages of (16-24 years old) a practical training by helping them establish their o...
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Steer Your Career
The program introduces students between the ages of (18-22 years old) to the work readiness skills necessary to search f...
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Ripples of Happiness
The Ripples of Happiness program aims to train students to plan, organize and finance social projects in their comm...
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Entrepreneurship Master Class
A training day aims at giving students between the ages of (14-20 years old) a general idea about the requirements and s...
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Community Leadership
​​​​​​​The program deals with the basic concepts of leadership and its importance, and the benefits of developing leader...
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It's My Future
This program offers students between the ages of (16-18 years old) the opportunity to explore the importance of developi...
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Be Entrepreneurial
During the program, students between the ages of (16-22 years old) learn about the characteristics of successful entrepr...
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