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Financial Literacy


The financial Literacy programs that INJAZ delivers to school, college, university, and youth clubs students provide them with the knowledge and experience they need today, to ensure that they are equipped to wisely manage their money and build wealth, the programs that are delivered for INJAZ beneficiaries make a positive impact on today’s youth by putting financial literacy into practice, and provide youth with the essential skills they need to ensure sound money management and decision making throughout their lives. INJAZ brings business leaders and youth together in order to build financial literacy knowledge and inspire and prepare youth by offering their real-world

More than Money
The program provides students between the ages of (11-13 years old) with an economics and business curriculum while empl...
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Personal Economics
This program provides practical training necessary for students between the ages of (13-15 years old) on the concept of...
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Enterprise in Action
This program provides an opportunity for students between the ages of (13-15 years old) to implement their own profit or...
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