Our Regional and Global Network

Our Regional and Global Network

INJAZ Palestine is an active member with INJAZ Al-Arab network. They both endeavor to enable the youth in the Arab Region to make considerable advances in the Arab economy through training programs that motivate and encourage them to take initiatives and strive to realize their ambitions in establishing entrepreneurial projects or to enter the job market, through strategic partnerships with the private sector in the region.

INJAZ Al-Arab was chosen by Global Magazine as one of the best one hundred non-governmental organizations in the world for the years (2012, 2013). In fact, INJAZ Al-Arab is a member of the Junior Achievement Worldwide, the largest organization in the world concerned with training and preparing the youth to enter the job market and be in charge of pioneering projects through educational and practical programs specializing in entrepreneurial and leadership thought and financial managemen

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INJAZ Palestine is a member in the Junior Achievement Worldwide, which was founded in 1919 and operates in 126 countries around the world including 16 Arab countries. It is one of the largest educational organizations working in the field of administrative and economic education. Since its establishment in 1919, JA has been of real benefit to more than 12 million young men and women around the world.

Junior Achievement has endeavored since its early establishment to educate and help students broaden their horizons and thinking on various topics such as entrepreneurship. It has provided them with an opportunity to implement their own projects, and understand better the concept of work readiness to help them make informed decisions about their academic and professional future.  It has also equipped them with the necessary financial knowledge that will enable them to manage wisely their money through providing them with programs designed to help young people understand the world of business and economics.  

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