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In conjunction with the UNICEF Project…INJAZ Palestine carries out the “We Will Stay” initiative

In conjunction with the UNICEF Project…INJAZ Palestine carries out the “We Will Stay” initiative

Under the patronage of the governor of Jenin, Mr. Akram Al-Rjoub and the director of education, “Salam Al-Taher”, and the participation of many local and civil society organizations, volunteer Shurouq Abu Farhah implemented the “We Will Stay” initiative under the slogan “peace and steadfastness of the motherland” at the Jalamah Secondary School for Boys.

The initiative aimed at planting 150 olive trees in an area of seven dunums in the school’s grounds bearing the names of the displaced villages in 1948, in order to confirm the principle of endurance and steadfastness in the land, reassert Palestinian national identity and maintain the sustainability of the school.

Many governmental and non-governmental personalities attended the event. These included; the Deputy Governor of Jenin, Kamal Abu Al-Rub, and a number of organizations and local authorities in the governorate.

Huda Jarrar, INJAZ Jenin branch manager, expressed her satisfaction with the implementation of these initiatives, stressing the support of INJAZ Palestine for the quality of the initiatives, and thanked various important personalities and the Director of Education for attending the event and for their continuous support. Students were able also to carry out the initiative and apply the basics of teamwork and put into action the principle of environmental sustainability of the school. They did as well a study on the needs of the school in particular and the town of Jalamah in general. They then analyzed the outcome in order to determine the appropriate solutions for the problems facing the school and the town.

The initiative attracted the attention of many as it proved to be of a real impact on students and institutions under the prevailing unfortunate current circumstances.

INJAZ team worked hard to ensure the successful implementation of the initiative. At the end of the ceremony, the governor of Jenin, Mr. Akram Al-Rjoub, honored Huda Jarrar for her efforts and the efforts of INJAZ Palestine in serving the students and the people of Jenin.