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The Launching of INJAZ Palestine programs in Gaza

The Launching of INJAZ Palestine programs in Gaza

INJAZ Palestine launched its programs in Gaza Schools to complement its yearly activities in the second semester of 2019/2020. INJAZ volunteers carried out the programs.

In one of the schools, volunteer Farah al-Malahi, implemented INJAZ programs, as she was keen to give students educational training lectures that aimed at enhancing the students’ leadership capabilities, creating in them a conscious leadership culture from which they will themselves benefit as well as their community and country.

Fakhriya Soboh, “Director of Maryam Farhat Secondary School for Girls (being one of the schools that benefit from INJAZ programs), expressed her appreciation for the work done by INJAZ. She stressed also that, on the academic and social levels, the female students gain a lot from such programs as they bring awareness to the importance of their future and the importance of creating a leadership spirit that will help them manage their future business activities. Mrs. Farhat also thanked INJAZ for its active efforts during the academic year in the creation of a promising young generation.

In addition, the student Rawan Abu Ghali, noted that INJAZ programs help them have a better understanding of their future as leaders in various areas of life, and that such programs and training activities improve their understanding of their society and urge them to make all the efforts needed to serve their community and people.