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“Ooredoo honors INJAZ Palestine”

“Ooredoo honors INJAZ Palestine”

INJAZ Palestine and Ooredoo held a joint meeting last Monday to discuss cooperation and partnership between the two parties; its CEO, Dr. Durgham Maraee, represented Ooredoo Inc. and Mr. Bassam Walweel, the Chaiman of the board of directors, represented INJAZ Palestine.  During the meeting, Dr. Durgham honored INJAZ for its efforts in supporting and serving students. Deliberations between the two went on the mechanism of INJAZ work and the possibility of financial support, in addition to new ways of cooperation that will help establish the strategic relationship between the company and INJAZ.  

Walweel welcomed the company’s delegation represented by its CEO, Dr. Maraee, appreciating the support Ooredoo provides to INJAZ, and stressing the importance of the role of the private sector in empowering Palestinian youth and in enhancing their skills to integrate into the job market. Walweel stressed that “INJAZ Palestine” succeeded, during the past thirteen years, in realizing many achievements in the field of student support and in implementing many programs whose aim was to provide students with many skills that will help them attend to the challenges of the job market. He then went on reviewing the many developments INJAZ managed to make in its programs and projects.

On his part, Dr. Maraee expressed his pride in his company’s partnership with INJAZ and in its programs and projects that help support and develop Palestinian youth, stressing that “the greatest investment is the investment in people. Such an investment enables them to develop their abilities and deepen their belonging to their culture, helping them, in consequence, to integrate into the Palestinian job market”.

Dr. Maraee confirmed the company’s readiness to open new cooperation doors to build the capabilities of Palestinian youth and reach out to a large number of targeted groups, in addition to providing INJAZ with volunteers from the company’s employees in the governorates of the country to train school and university students, and to sponsor various INJAZ programs.

In the same context, Rania Kutteneh welcomed the delegation and praised Ooredoo’s continuous efforts in supporting INJAZ programs and the Palestinian youth as a whole. She went on talking about the most important programs implemented by INJAZ, including the student company, through which it seeks to open new horizons for the students to help them establish their own companies contributing, in consequence, to the development of the Palestinian economy.

She also stressed the importance of direct communication between representatives of the private sector and students to provide vivid and successful models through which students can derive and learn business skills to set off in the battlefield of life and the business world. Kutteneh added that “INJAZ Palestine” has achieved qualitative results, which can explain the expansion of its various programs, the most important of which, is the student company, held in partnership with private sector companies, including Ooredoo. During the meeting, an introductory video of INJAZ and its accomplishments was presented, shedding light on its success stories during the past years.