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The Concluding Activities of “Yalla ‘A-Al Sibat” Festival in Jenin

The Concluding Activities of “Yalla ‘A-Al Sibat” Festival in Jenin

The voice of the popular artist Abu Al-Naji was heard loudly during his presentation of a strophic Arabic poem in colloquial language. The event took place on Thursday evening in the city of Jenin, as part of the activities of the “Yalla ‘A-Al Sibat Festival” amid wide public interaction. The festival activities were concluded with a music show presented by Al-Kamandjati Band.

Al Sibat Festival in the old city of Jenin this year was organized under the title “Yalla ‘A-Al Sibat… hand with hand to revive it again”. The first literary high school students”2”, from Al-Zahra Girls Secondary Schools (for Girls “Al Sibat Youth” initiative), played the main role in organizing the festival. INJAZ organized this event as part of Palestine “Community Leadership” program and in partnership with UNICEF.

The festival, which aimed at reviving the Sibat and its cultural and civilizational features that date back to the Ottoman era, to preserve the heritage of Jenin and revitalize tourism there, was the culmination of several stages that the initiative went through. Tens of volunteers participated in the implementation of these stages.

The cultural festival activities were opened in the corridors of the old Al-Sibat market, under the patronage of the governor of Jenin, Mr. Akram al-Rjoub and the participation of the mayor of Jenin Fayez Al-Saadi, the director of education, Salam Al-Taher, the Jenin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, managers, representatives of official and private institutions. In addition, the private sector, the local community, federations, heads of councils, bodies, and community activists were present at the festival.

In a speech, he delivered, Rjoub stressed, “The festival is part of our cultural and civilizational battle with the occupation, which tries to obliterate Palestinian history and culture. He added that the main purpose of the festival is to consolidate our national sense of belonging to our cultural and civilizational heritage”.

On her part, INJAZ Jenin branch manager, Huda Jarrar stressed the importance of the continuity of these societal initiatives, in order to support Jenin’s archaeological sites and preserve them, especially as INJAZ Palestine works relentlessly to develop the leadership skills of students to enable them to be effective and influential in Palestinian society. She also thanked all attendees, institutions and companies for their support and participation and in ensuring a successful festival.

In the same context, the trainer, Ni’emeh Zaqzouq, said that the initiative implemented by the students aims at preserving the heritage and revive Al Sibat market.

The festival, which lasted until nine o’clock in the evening, featured sections of handicrafts and popular cuisine, in addition to artistic activities that included a presentation of magic tricks, a narration of Palestinian stories presented by the Tamer Institute for Community Education, and a poetic passage by the poet Louay Al-‘Ayassa.

During the evening, several artistic events were organized at the Korean Youth Center. These included a sketch show for students of Al-Zahraa High School, a presentation for the Kamandjati band, a popular folk dance (Dabka) performed by the Milh Al-Ard band, imitation of voices done by Omar Qawasmeh, and a stand-up comedy show for Masrah Al-Hurriyya (freedom-theater).